Whitening Sensitive Teeth – Guide 101

May 30, 2023

Are you second guessing getting teeth whitening done because of sensitivity? You no longer have to let go of the dream of a brighter, whiter smile. We are here with methods, tips, and tricks to help you remove those brown stains on your teeth in no time.

Top 3 Methods for Whitening Sensitive Teeth

Here are some common ways of stain removal.

  1. In-Office Whitening Treatment for Sensitive Teeth
    When it comes to whitening teeth that are sensitive and have tough-to-remove stains, in-office bleaching procedures offer the most effective solution. At Briar Forest Dental Group, we offer teeth whitening in Houston, Texas, by our trained experts; you will notice brilliant differences in just one session.
    In-office whitening treatments are not only safe but also protect the natural enamel of your teeth, reducing sensitivity. Since professionals administer the treatment, your gums are also well-protected.
  2. At-Home Professional Whitening Treatments
    Alternatively, you can opt for at-home professional whitening treatments. Although they take longer to give the kind of results seen with in-office treatments, they offer convenience.
    Custom-made whitening kits are prepared at the dental office. First, impressions of your mouth are taken to make a tray that snap fits your teeth, with bleaching agents in them. While the at-home kits are convenient, in-office treatments work faster, minimizing sensitivity.
  3. DIY Technique – Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide
    If you do not want to opt for a professional method and prefer a natural whitening approach for your sensitive teeth, try using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution (paste).
    Baking soda has proven teeth-whitening properties and is commonly found in commercial toothpaste. By mixing baking soda with 1% hydrogen peroxide, you can gradually and effectively whiten your teeth naturally.

Prepare Your Sensitive Teeth for the Whitening Process

You can take precautions before actually getting done with the whitening process to save your sensitive teeth.

  1. Brush with a desensitizing toothpaste: Begin using a desensitizing toothpaste around 10 days before your treatment. These toothpastes block pain signals from the tooth’s surface to its inner nerve. For maximum effectiveness, leave the toothpaste on your teeth for a few minutes before rinsing.
  2. Apply a desensitizing gel: Use a desensitizing gel before your whitening treatment. Follow the recommended application time and rinse with water afterward.
  3. Take pain medication: Consider taking OTC (over-the-counter) pain meds such as ibuprofen before your teeth whitening procedure. This can help minimize sensitivity and discomfort. You can continue using the medication after the treatment to manage any lingering sensitivity.

Follow these preparation steps to significantly reduce the sensitivity associated with teeth whitening procedures.

Closing Note

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