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Teeth cleaning is the first and most crucial step of dental hygiene. It is vital to clean your teeth regularly to avoid oral health issues. But just brushing and flossing your teeth daily is not enough! This is why at Briar Forest Dental Group, we offer teeth cleaning in Houston.

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Why Is Teeth Cleaning Important?

If you are a resident in Houston, TX, you should drop by our office twice every year for teeth cleaning. It is important in many ways, as it helps your dental hygienist spot oral health problems in their early stages. The earlier you detect a problem, the earlier you can treat it effectively. Moreover, regular dental cleanings are beneficial in giving you a gorgeous, healthy smile. The following happens in teeth cleaning procedure:

  • Removing sticky plaque or build-up via thorough cleaning
  • Gently scraping plaque along the gum line
  • Properly flossing between each tooth
  • Detailed check-up for the presence of cavities
  • Inspecting the gum area in detail for decay or damage

You might also experience the following, depending on your age and check-up:

  • X-ray of teeth to check for problems in alignment, teeth, or jaw.
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Evaluation for a teeth whitening procedure.

Deep Teeth Cleaning: How is it Different from Regular Teeth Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is slightly different from regular teeth cleaning. You will require a deep cleaning only if bacteria and plaque accumulate in your mouth excessively. It helps in case plaque reaches below your gum line. Moreover, treating periodontitis also requires a deep cleaning along with some antibiotics. On the other hand, regular dental cleanings twice a year are enough if you have minor tooth stains and plaque build-up.

A deep teeth cleaning requires two dental visits, whereas regular cleaning is a one-visit procedure. Also named Scaling and Root Planing, in this procedure:

  • Using a sedation technique, your dentist will numb your mouth.
  • Then, they will remove tartar and plaque from your teeth. This part is called Scaling.
  • In the next session, your dentist will smoothen your teeth’s roots. This part is called Root Planing.

How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning Take?

Teeth Cleaning in Houston will not be a lengthy procedure. Depending on your case, you will be done within 30 to 60 minutes. If you don’t require any additional treatments, you will have a healthy-looking pearly smile in 30 minutes. One visit for a visibly healthier smile!

How Often Should You Get a Teeth Cleaning?

You should visit your dental hygienist as often as you can. Aside from seeing your dentist twice every year for cleanings and check-ups, you can ask them for dental cleanings every 3-4 months. This will aid in detecting any problems early on, keeping your teeth healthy and shiny.

When Should You Start Getting Teeth Cleanings?

A dentist’s visit starts at an early age. The first dental cleaning should occur when a baby’s first tooth erupts, between 6 months to 1 year of age. This helps in spotting early dental problems and keeping your mouth healthy. Our teeth cleaning Houston experts will guide you every step of the way. Dial 713-784-4430 or request an appointment on our website.

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