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If you are looking for oral surgery in Houston, TX, our team has the expertise you need. Briar Forest Dental Group’s objective is to do what is best for you in both; the short and long term. Thus, our expert oral surgeons at Briar Forest Dental Group will give you honest consultations on what you should opt for. Whatever concerns you have regarding your oral health, we are here at 713-784-4430. You can also visit our office to book an appointment.

Oral Surgery

What Is an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a dentist or a dental specialist with expertise in surgery or operation of mouth, gums, teeth, jaw, and other oral structures. Oral surgeons receive additional education and training that centers on oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures. They are also referred to as maxillofacial surgeons or periodontists. Our Houston oral surgeons have command of treating issues that affect your mouth, jaw, face, and neck.

What does an oral surgeon do?

An oral surgeon performs delicate, thorough surgery or operations on the oral structures like mouth, face, teeth, jaw, gums, neck, etc. Oral surgeons are dental specialists with special training and education focused on this field. The issues they correct include:

If you have any of these issues or any other oral health problem, you can request an appointment below to see our specialist or for oral surgery in Houston.

What Can an Oral Surgeon Treat?

Some dental emergencies can raise the need for the services of an oral surgeon. You will require treatment for an oral surgeon if you have a dental issue that needs close attention. Usually, you might need to see an oral surgeon for:

  • Tooth extraction, in case your tooth is damaged beyond repair.
  • Root Canal Treatment, to treat a tooth infection.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal, if your wisdom tooth is impacted or causing you discomfort.
  • Gum Graft Surgery, in case of gum disease or gum recession.
  • For cosmetic purposes, like missing teeth or similar reasons.

If you live in Houston, TX, and are facing any of these issues or similar oral health problems, you can drop by Briar Forest Dental Group for oral surgery consultations. We know many oral surgeons are offering their services, but what makes us different is our honesty and dedication.

When Will I Feel Better After an Oral Surgery?

How long recovery takes after a surgical procedure solely depends on the nature of the surgery performed. Typically, you might experience some minor bleeding after your procedure. But, you can control it with the gauze you will be provided with. In addition, you might experience swelling for a few days. It might cause you some discomfort, but it is part of recovery.

Applying an ice pack to the swollen area for fifteen minutes might help reduce it. However, be mindful not to irritate your skin and use a light cloth. Painkillers might also help in dealing with swelling and discomfort. Your oral surgeon will guide you in the recovery process, so make sure to ask them for suggestions.

Contact your dentist immediately if you suspect a dental emergency but are dubious about what to do. Informing your dentist about any oral concerns should always be your priority. They will definitely refer you to an oral surgeon if you require their services. Our expert team can guide you on oral surgery in Houston, TX, and help you understand what to do; dial 713-784- 4430 or request an appointment on our website.

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