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Whether you have dentures, know someone who has dentures, or are considering getting them yourself, you’re likely plagued with questions. This section will break down exactly what dentures are, what care is needed for them, who is eligible for them, and more of your common questions!

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificially designed teeth and gums that are custom made to your mouth’s specifications. They come in two forms: whole and partial. Whole dentures are, as the name suggests, dentures designed to replace the entirety of your upper or lower jaw (or both). Partials on the other hand are designed to fit just a portion of your mouth such as a section of 4 or 5 missing teeth and damaged gums in the mouth.
who needs dentures

Who needs dentures?

Dentures are primarily known for use in senior citizens. However, any adult can have dentures if they need it. Dentures will often be recommended for people with the following conditions,

  • Large sections of missing teeth/damaged gums that cannot hold teeth
  • Severe tooth decay that cannot be fixed using any other dental procedure
  • Damage to the mouth from treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Loss of teeth due to age-related conditions

What can dentures do?

Dentures help improve a variety of factors in relation to oral health, including:

  • Chewing capability
  • Mouth structure
  • Jaw structure
  • Having a perfect smile
  • Removing painful teeth from the mouth
  • Insuring proper gum and teeth health

What are dentures made out of?

The majority of dentures are made from a hard resin that is safe for use in the mouth. This hard resin is more fragile than the teeth you are born with, which means they are more prone to chipping or breaking. You have to apply extreme care to your dentures in order to preserve them so you don’t have to replace them. However, hard resin dentures also wear down faster so regardless of damage, you will have to replace them every 5 to 10 years pending your age and how well you take care of them.

What are immediate dentures?

Sometimes, pending the severity of the teeth extraction, a patient will receive immediate dentures before receiving permanent ones that are fixed to the jaw. Immediate denture are temporary dentures that mimic the current stage of a patients mouth before the teeth are pulled. They are worn for about 6 months and protect the area where the teeth were removed while it heals. Once the area has fully healed, permanent dentures can be put into place.

How do you clean dentures?

Cleaning dentures is a fairly simple yet vital part of being a dentures patient. Although they are artificial, dentures are just as susceptible to damage as regular teeth are. You’ll need to remove your dentures twice per day and clean them with a soft toothbrush and mild soap. Never use toothpaste though as the chemicals in it are too abrasive for the soft resin material dentures are made of. You should also use this time to clean any existing teeth or gums in order to preserve their health.
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