How Long Do Veneers Usually Last?

April 30, 2024

Veneers are an investment and a very good way to transform your teeth according to your liking. However, whenever such an amount of money is involved, it is only natural to think about the longevity of these shells. So, let’s take a look at how long do veneers actually last.

What is A Veneer?

Veneers are a thin layer of shell-like material that is placed over a tooth surface to either improve the aesthetics or to protect a damaged surface. Usually, they are made of porcelain or composite resin materials and custom-fit to sit snugly on the surface.

Dentists employ veneers in a lot of cases, to correct stained, chipped or broken teeth, etc. This cosmetic dental treatment provides a natural-looking and long-lasting solution for enhancing the appearance of the teeth.

One thing you must bear in mind is that veneers require teeth’ enamel shaving. The tooth surface is prepared by removing a small amount of your enamel and then placing the veneer over it with the help of a special adhesive.

Longevity Of Veneers

All in all, you can expect veneers to last as long as 5 to 15 years, depending on the material used and the aftercare.

Porcelain veneers are extensively durable and stain-resistant than composite resin. Safe to say that porcelain veneers can last as long as 15 years with good care; however, the same cannot be said for composite. They are less expensive but have a longevity of around 5 to 7 years.

How Can You Make Veneers Last Long?

Some methods that can be of help:

  1. Proper Care and Maintenance
    Adhering to aftercare instructions is crucial for the life of veneers. This includes regular, bi-annual dental check-ups and professional teeth cleanings. These visits ensure the veneers are in good condition and check whether or not there are any signs of disease, chips, or cracks.
    During these visits, dentists assess the veneers’ condition and provide any necessary maintenance or repairs. Moreover, practicing good oral hygiene, such as brushing twice and flossing once a day, is needed to keep the mouth clean and free of bacteria that can cause plaque buildup and decay.
  2. Avoiding Injury
    Dental accidents are a major reason for chips or cracks in the veneers, so wearing a mouthguard while playing sports is recommended to protect the veneers and the teeth.
    Another reason is involuntary teeth grinding and clenching, which usually occurs while sleeping. It can put a lot of pressure on veneers, causing them to chip or break. However, this problem can easily be averted by wearing a nightguard.
  3. Avoiding Staining Foods and Drinks
    Although veneers are devoid of getting stained, the cement used to hold them can make the edges discolor. This is one of the reasons that ruin the aesthetic appeal of veneers.

Closing Note

As mentioned earlier, veneers, with proper care, can last as long as 5 to 15 years. However, the exact number depends on the material you choose as well. If you want more information and do not know where to start, contact Dr. Paichun (Patrick) Huang, DDS, with fellowship status from the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) at Briar Forest Dental Group. We are here to answer all your queries and issues; dial (713) 784-4430 to connect with us. Feel free to learn ways we can be of help.

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