Invisalign and Gum Recession – Revealing The Truth

September 15, 2023

Have you recently noticed your teeth appearing longer after wearing clear aligners? Well, you might be joining 2 into 2 and concluding that Invisalign might be causing gum recession. Let’s discuss the truth of this statement.

Can Invisalign Cause Gum Recession?

Invisalign is not directly linked to cause gum recession. However, if your retainers are not correctly fit or maintained, they can indirectly contribute to this issue.

In case your retainer is too tight or exerts excessive pressure on your teeth and gums, it results in irritation and inflammation. Add it with neglect (oral hygiene regime), and you are left with gum recession.

Understanding the Phenomenon of Gum Receding From Line

When your gums pull back from their original position on the teeth, it is known as recession. This creates gaps or pockets specifically between your teeth and gums, a ground for bacteria to play in.

This, in turn, leads to increased sensitivity since the exposed roots are susceptible to temperature changes. In severe cases, it may lead to tooth loss as well.

Common Causes of Gum Recession

Here are the top 5 reasons why your gums recede from the line.

1. Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is mainly due to bacterial infection that damages gum tissues.

2. Poor Oral Hygiene

Inadequate brushing and flossing allow plaque to build up on your teeth and gums.

3. Aggressive Brushing

Brushing too vigorously or the one with hard bristles can damage your gum tissues.

4. Hormonal Changes

Fluctuations are quite common during changes like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

5. Teeth Grinding

Habitually grinding or clenching your teeth exerts excessive pressure on your gums, leading to recession.

Can Receding Gums Grow Back?

We hate to break it to you, but receding gums cannot grow back on their own since they lack regeneration power. It becomes next to impossible if they are damaged due to severe gum disease such as periodontitis.

However, there are multiple treatments available to prevent the condition from getting worse. While regeneration is not on the table, surgical procedures like gum grafting are used to restore both your appearance and oral health. In the gum grafting procedure, a healthy tissue from another area of your mouth is placed to cover the exposed root, preventing further damage.

Treatment Options for Available

Several treatment options are available for gum recession caused by Invisalign treatment; two of them are explained below:

  1. Gum Grafting: This surgical procedure involves transferring a healthy tissue from any area of your mouth and placing it to the site of gum recession, covering the exposed tooth root.
  2. Periodontal Therapy: This path of treatment addresses all underlying causes of periodontal disease that may have contributed to gum receding from the line. It may involve deep cleaning, scaling, root planing, and antibiotic therapy.

Closing Note

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