Do Braces Hurt A Lot?

February 15, 2024

If you are in line to get braces, thinking about whether they hurt is a legitimate concern. The wait and thought of pain is definitely not something one would want to go through. The good news is that getting braces does not hurt that much, only mild pressure.

Does Getting Braces Hurt?

As mentioned earlier, it is nothing more than mild to moderate pain; however, actual intensity varies from one person to another. Most people will experience discomfort when they first get braces and during tightening sessions; however, for some it might be no big of a deal.

This pressure from the braces is actually needed to pull teeth into the desired position and alignment; this is why it hurts to wear braces. You can expect changes in your mouth, like sore gums or scrapes inside your cheeks, during the first week due to the metal brackets.

Having said that, if your concern is mainly with the placement process, we have news for you. The braces placement process does not hurt. Therefore, the soreness you feel is due to the irritation of poking in your mouth.
Fortunately, you can expect this discomfort or pain to vanish within a few days. In the meantime, you can try over-the-counter pain relievers, a warm saltwater rinse, and a softer diet for pain relief.

Why Does It Hurt To Get Braces Initially?

After the first placement, expect soreness for a few days due to the pressure on your teeth from wires and brackets; it is a given as your teeth start moving into their new positions.

However, it is crucial to note that pain or level of hurt after braces is subjective. It may be more painful for one and less for another, depending on an individual’s threshold. Nonetheless, this discomfort is easily manageable.

Tightening and Associated Pain

You might think getting braces is a one-time thing and would not hurt. However, prepare your mind for adjustment and tightening appointments, which cause pain. During these visits, the change in position is catered to, and the wires are tightened accordingly. As your teeth gradually start shifting, periodic adjustments are a necessity to make sure that the results are according to the goals set.

Ways to Manage Braces Pain

You can easily get hold of your pain after braces. Some of the common methods include:

  • Use of Over-the-counter pain relievers: Options like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen are extremely effective in managing the discomfort.
  • Oral anesthetics: They can be applied directly on the gums to desensitize the mouth and decrease braces pain.
  • Orthodontic Wax: You can ask your orthodontist for a soft wax to act as a protective barrier between your braces and soft tissues inside of your mouth. This wax minimizes the chances of cuts or sores.

Closing Note

In a nutshell, we cannot state a level that serves as a one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much braces hurt; the main focus is on its management. As long as you take medications on time and not skip regular tightening appointments, there is nothing that can stop you from having your perfect smile. If you want more information, contact Dr. Paichun (Patrick) Huang, DDS, a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) at Briar Forest Dental Group. We are here to answer all your queries and issues; dial (713) 784-4430 to connect with us. Feel free to learn ways we can be of help.

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