Braces and Teeth Whitening – Points to Ponder On

February 28, 2023

Teeth whitening and braces are two popular dental treatments that often go hand in hand. Let’s talk about their relationship and whether it is better to whiten teeth before or after braces.

Now, you might wonder if you can whiten your teeth while wearing braces. The answer is yes and no.

You can use certain teeth-whitening products, like whitening toothpaste or mouthwash, while wearing braces. Still, it would be best if you are careful not to get any of the whitening agents on the brackets or wires, as it can cause discoloration or even damage the braces.

Should You Whiten Teeth Before Getting Braces?

Well, it depends on your personal preference and the goals you have set for your smile. If you are searching for ways to improve your overall smile appearance, then getting your teeth whitened before getting braces is a better idea. This way, once you get rid of your braces, you’ll retrieve a stunning, straight smile shining bright.

However, if your primary goal is to get braces for correcting orthodontic troubles such as misaligned teeth, crowding, or bite problems, then whitening teeth before braces does not make much sense.

Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Braces On?

Sure you can! However, it is a bit tricky if you have braces. There are some factors that you need to ponder on.

First and foremost, have a detailed discussion with your dentist before attempting any whitening treatments. They know the ins and outs and are the best advisers for the right action.

You must remember that the braces’ brackets and wires make it difficult to whiten teeth evenly. The areas covered by brackets may not change the hue at the same rate as the rest of your teeth, which results in uneven or patchy teeth.

Moreover, certain kinds of whitening treatments are not appropriate for braces. One example is “at-home teeth whitening strips or gels,” they adhere to your teeth and the brackets or wires, which will not only damage while removal but also not show its effect on the tooth surface that was not in contact with it.

That is why waiting until your braces come off is better rather than trying any whitening treatments while wearing them.

Are Teeth Whitening Options After Braces A Better Approach?

Yes, teeth whitening after braces is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Stain Removal: You may spot stains on your teeth after getting braces due to their brackets and wires. The intruders make removing plaque and other matter difficult, even with regular brushing and flossing. So, once they come off, teeth whitening can help remove these stains and restore the natural color of your teeth.
  • Enhancing Appearance: After braces come off, you may find your teeth yellow due to the buildup of plaque and bacteria. The teeth whitening process can improve your overall smile by making your teeth shine brighter and look healthier.
  • Boost of Confidence: Who does not like sparkly whites? A bright, white smile boosts confidence and self-esteem like no other.

Final Words

In a nutshell, you and your dentist are together to make the final call. If you want to discuss dental queries, feel free to contact oral care experts from Briar Forest. We offer teeth whitening services at the most affordable price in all of Houston. Dial (713) 784-4430 to connect with us.

We are proud to serve patients from all nearby communities, including Briar Forest, The Memorial Villages, Memorial City, Westchase, and Walnut Bend.


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