Benefits Of 3D Dentures Over Traditional Dentures

July 30, 2022

3-D printing is a remarkable technology where you can enjoy a perfect 3D manifestation of your design. It’s quite similar to 2D printing; just upgraded a bit with a new dimension and new materials. This technology has taken over the world and is still spreading like wildfire, with more manufacturers opting for 3D printing daily. Now, decades after the dawn of 3D printing, you can find 3D printed toys, musical instruments, and even prosthetics. Talking about prosthetics, have you heard about 3D dentures? Now, you can bid farewell to long appointments only to get loosely fitted dentures. Seems enticing already? Wait until you learn more about the advantages 3D dentures have to offer.

Immaculate Fitting:

If you have worn traditional dentures, you know the struggle with dentures that don’t fit 100%. However, with 3D dentures, you wouldn’t need to worry about that because this new technology promises precision.

Your dentist will take a scan of your teeth, capturing even the minute details. Hence, the dentist gets a better idea of your jaw structure and teeth spacing using these scans. Working on the information, the dental team will create a design that closely mimics your natural teeth so that you can enjoy a perfect fitting that feels natural.

Better Material, Better Performance:

Acrylic and plastic are the top choices for traditional dentures. However, you know the downside. These may be easy to cut and mold, but they aren’t the most robust material out there. Thus, when subjected to the constant stress of biting, they can wear down and distort over time. On the contrary, 3D dentures are made of resin polymer, which is more durable and resistant to staining.

Fewer Appointments:

Sitting through to get your traditional dentures can be a hassle for sure. First, you need to meet your dentist for an impression of your teeth. In the subsequent appointments, you will try your new denture only to find out that it still requires tweaking. Hence, after frustratingly sitting on the dentist’s chair, testing dentures after dentures, you will finally go home with dentures that fit the best.

This arduous journey is enough to test your patience, but luckily with 3D dentures, you can reduce the number of appointments. The process is straightforward; your dentist will print the denture after scanning and making a structure.

Increased Customization:

3D dentures not only fit naturally, but they look organic too. 3D dentures can match the natural color of your teeth. Therefore, with such a wide range of colors, you can customize your dentures to fit the natural hue of your teeth.

Easy To Replace:

With all the data and structure stored in a computer, you can easily ask for a new replacement in case you damage or lose your current dentures.

Want a smooth experience while getting new dentures? Then your choice of dentist is critical, and it’s better to choose one with expertise and great customer service. Therefore, opt for Briar Forest Dental Group, you can call us at 713-784-4430 to learn more about how we can help.

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