Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gold Fillings

June 30, 2022

Big screens often project the idea of a shady man appearing solemn only to break into a wide grin, revealing a shiny, gold tooth. Without a doubt, modern cinema has made us fantasize about a gold tooth replacement. However, before jumping onto this bandwagon, you must familiarize yourself with its pros and cons before proceeding. Every material has its good and bad side. Here, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of gold fillings in your teeth.

Advantages Of Gold Fillings

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to restoring your teeth, gold fillings are here to the rescue. They encompass astounding properties that allow them to last up to an impressive 30 years. Just a thin layer of gold is sufficient to protect the cusps of your teeth from damage so teeth grinding won’t be an issue for you. Regarding durability and comfort, this material has no room for disappointment. I’m sure your teeth bite feels odd with other fillings but with gold, you won’t even feel a slight change. This is the beauty of this material. No more rough and uneven filling edges ruining every bite you take. Gold fillings can easily mimic a normal tooth all thanks to their malleability. Last but not the least, you’ll certainly grab a lot of attention with every smile you give. Gold gives your teeth a clean look, raising your personality to an even greater level. Worry no more about the gold filling causing discoloration to your teeth since gold is chemically inactive. You’re in for a treat if you’re looking forward to enhancing the aesthetics of your teeth.

Disadvantages Of Gold Fillings

Let’s not forget to look over the disadvantages of gold fillings as they can significantly impact your choice. Usually, gold fillings are recommended for small cavities only so it’s not an option that anyone can opt for. You have to bid farewell to your favorite cold and hot beverages since gold is an excellent heat conductor and thus, elevates your tooth’s sensitivity. Did I mention how a gold filling can cost you a fortune as well? Just like selling your kidney to purchase an iPhone. To no surprise, this process requires more than one trip to the dentist merely because of how time-consuming this task is. Plus, every minute detail is given priority to achieve a perfect long-lasting tooth filling. Being arduous and complicated, it’s the job of a trained professional with proper skills who can guarantee accuracy in their work. A hectic process indeed that takes up tons of effort, therefore, requiring hefty pay as compared to other fillings.

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