9 Methods To Deal With Most Common Dental Emergencies

April 15, 2023

A sudden sharp, stabbing toothache is excruciatingly painful and can ruin your day in an instant. Dental emergencies can strike at any time, and it is vital for you to know how to handle them quickly and effectively until you get the hold of emergency dental service from a professional. 

Whether you just knocked out a tooth or have developed a severe gum infection, the right knowledge, and action makes all the difference in preventing further damage and relieving the pain.

9 Common Dental Emergencies and Ways to Handle Them 

Here are 9 of the most common dental emergencies and methods of treating them:

1. Toothache
Pain is never good because it is a sign of many health issues, including tooth decay. Also, while some toothaches are manageable without needing an emergency dental service, a few symptoms, such as swelling and redness, call for prompt attention. 

At that time, medications like Aspirin might cause the tissue to burn, so avoid self-medication. Alternatively, use a cold compress on the outside of your cheek and make an emergency dental clinic call. 

2. Broken Braces or wires
Braces are made of metal wires and brackets that can easily withstand everyday wear and tear. However, they still break or stick out and cause irritation and cuts on your gums and cheeks. 

Moreover, it can also delay or even reverse tooth alignment and straightening progress. If this starts happening, try moving the damaged wire into a more comfortable position. However, if you cannot do that, cover the exposed end with orthodontic wax, a tiny cotton ball, or a piece of gauze. Do not cut the cable to stop swallowing, no matter how annoying it gets.

3. Dental Abscess
An abscess looks like white pus oozing out from your gums at the place of infection. It is painful and causes swelling in your gum or jaw. In that situation, you can drain gum abscesses at home. 

The first step is rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater solution and use OTC, over-the-counter pain medications to lessen pain and discomfort. Get in touch with your dentist immediately, as an abscess can lead to life-threatening complications if left untreated.

4. Broken Tooth
In order to reduce swelling because of a fractured tooth, swish and swirl your mouth with warm water and put a cold compress on the affected area. You should bring any tooth bits that have broken off to your dentist along. Use a sugarless gum or dental wax to protect your soft tissues of gums and cheeks from razor-sharp ends. 

5. Knocked-out Tooth
Now, this one’s a bummer! If your tooth gets knocked out, hold it by the crown (the top portion) and gently rinse it with water, being meticulous not to touch the root. Place the tooth back into its socket and hold it with gauze or a clean towel. 

However, if you cannot reinsert the tooth, put it in a cup of milk or saliva and take it to the dentist with you.

6. Lost Filling
Crowns and fillings restore damaged teeth’ functionality to their optimal state. So, to prevent further harm or reinfection, treat them as soon as they break. 

While you wait for emergency dental service, try filling the cavity with sugarless gum but don’t repair it yourself. 

7. Broken or Lost Crown 
If your crown has fallen out or broken, rinse your mouth with warm water and put dental wax or sugarless gum to cover the affected area. Bring any broken pieces with you to your dentist. Avoid eating or drinking anything until you see your dentist, as the tooth may be sensitive.

8. Object Dislodged Between Teeth
If something is stuck between your teeth, try removing it gently using dental floss. Make sure not to use a sharp object for removal, as this can damage your gums or teeth.

9. Soft Tissue Injury 
If you have injured your tongue, lips, or cheeks, the holy grail – saltwater rinse and a cold compress to reduce swelling is the best combination for temporary relief.

Closing Note 

Please note that dental emergencies need prompt care by professionals. You can always contact emergency dental care experts from Briar Forest Dental Group for help. Dial (713) 784-4430 to connect with us. 

We are proud to serve patients from all nearby communities, including Briar Forest, The Memorial Villages, Memorial City, Westchase, and Walnut Bend.


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