Month: March 2022

Six Tried And Tested Remedies To Treat Your Burnt Tongue

Mar 30, 2022

The pizza, straight out of the oven, is too hot to handle, but who cares? At times, we just shove that mouthwatering slice in our mouth, only to realize that it was a wrong move. However, the damage is done, and you have burnt your tongue. If something like this happens, you need to find […]

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What Is A Dry Socket And Its Possible Treatment

Mar 15, 2022

Tooth extraction may sound intimidating, but sometimes it’s the only way to provide you long-term relief. However, relief may not be in sight, and you may have to confront post-surgery complications. One such issue is a dry socket whose symptoms unravel themselves after three to four days of surgery. A dry socket is one of […]

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